Top 3 Booktube

Our oral and writing teacher, Dani, gave us an assignment. This the assignment of commenting on booktubers.

This are my top 3 booktube:

“Our least favourite 5 books”: I liked this booktube because, though I don’t know none of the 2 girls, I thought they were nice and honest because they laughed and had fun fun while they gave advice on reading.

“I am President Snow”:  I really enjoyed this video because it starts with a little of comedy about the book “The Hunger Games” and then he connects the story with inequality and made me think about it. He was also very charismatic and he had a good background, which is good for viewers, because you would not like to hear a booktube in a dark place, for example.

“Boys in books are better”: I really liked this booktube because it was very original, it was a song. It was very entertaining, it was very well edited and she had an awesome voice. So, this 3 factors made a great video.


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